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It doesn’t seem like we can make it more than a few weeks without another Switch 2 rumor from popping up. While many of them over the past several years have proven to be nothing more than Grade-A BS, there is a possibility that this latest rumor just might have some weight to it. According to leaker Nash Weedle (who has previously leaked Metroid Dread’s existence as well as a couple other Nintendo secrets) claims that a dev kit for the Switch 2 has arrived in Spain as a sign of boosted relations and that Nintendo is in the last phases before presenting the console to the public. That means it could be announced in the coming weeks.



Several speculators have assumed that the studio in question would be MercurySteam, who developed Metroid Dread (given Nash Weedle’s track record, it would make sense). Youtuber Behind The Games has also corroborated the report. But with no hard evidence of the dev kit’s existence, nothing can be confirmed – even if the buzz is higher than usual for Switch 2 rumors.

Take this all with a grain of salt like usual, though it’s easy to get excited over the possibility. In the end, we’ll just have to wait for Nintendo to tell us if/when a Switch 2 exists, whether that be this month or later down the line.


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