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The folks over at Nintendo Life recently got a chance to sit down with Intelligent Systems, the developers of Fire Emblem Engage, to talk about the game and its various facets. While the initial aspects of the interview focused on the game’s departure from Three Houses and its Fell Xenologue DLC, for a brief portion at the end NL asked specifically about the character Rosado and his inclusion in the game: “he talks about the beauty of growing up in a village where people aren’t bound by their genders and can dress and look however they like. What sort of impact are you hoping this character would have on players and can you talk a bit about their creation?”

The answer IntSys gives reaches beyond just Rosado, though: “The theme we chose for Fire Emblem Engage is that whoever you were born as, and wherever you were born, if you live your life as the person you want to be, your dream will come true.” They note how Alear and Rosado and all the other characters reflect this theme as living as the person they want to be, so while the first impression they give may be contradictory to their depths, the developers hope that players can discover who they are through support conversations.



As mentioned, the full interview covers a wider breadth of topics related to decisions involving the Emblem system and also the DLC, so check it out if you have a spare moment. 


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