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Oxenfree II: Lost Signals releases in about a month’s time, and the game’s director Sean Krankel sat down with Nintendo Everything to discuss coming back to the series after several years away, the game’s structure, and more.

Developed over the course of three plus years, Oxenfree II takes place in the same world as the first game, but with a different, older focal protagonist in the town of Camena. The game is wider and windier than the first Oxenfree, with lots of different characters and potential plot threads and relationships. You won’t be able to see it all in one playthrough, and the game is deliberately set up so it doesn’t have fixed endings in one of a few possible resolutions and more several variables that can go one way or the other.



Staff from the first game has returned to work on the sequel, and the amount of animations and voice work has increased dramatically. Krankel also discusses how the partnership with Netflix has shaped the game and affected work at Night School, along with the other non-Oxenfree games the studio has developed. It certainly sounds like an expansive followup to a game brimming with ideas.

Oxenfree II releases on July 12th.



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