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The past two Legend of Zelda games have been about traversing the wilds, getting to know the lay of the land, becoming one with an expansive world – and therefore it’s only sensible that people seeking to more actively roleplay would strip Link of his armor and look at him run through the barrens, right? Alas, the people of Hyrule are a judgmental bunch and will call out their literal savior for going (relatively) commando in Tears of the Kingdom:


This is a continuation of a trend from Breath of the Wild, where NPCs also went “my guy what are you doing” when spotting Link running around naked. This goes for incidental comments people make as Link runs around, dialogue when you actively speak to them, and even story beats. The devs in this game truly thought of everything. The photos above are only a small sampling of the comments Link receives. Make sure to check out the full Reddit thread for more!

You can get other comments in other outfits, so be sure to experiment with what will draw comments from passerby – though we doubt their reactions will be as funny as watching Link traipse through Hyrule in his undies.

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