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Variations on Tetris are never ending – from the olden wild west days of Tetris 2 to the recent meditative vibes of Tetris Effect, the eternally perfect falling block puzzle game has no shortage of spins on the core idea. And soon, another will be coming to Nintendo Switch – Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2 Plus (& Knuckles) will be arriving via Arcade Archives on June 1st.



Originally published in 2000, TTATGM2+ (okay, it’s usually shortened to TAP or TGM2) adds some bells and whistles over the original Tetris The Grand Master, which came to Switch late last year and features some advanced Tetris gameplay like the Initial Rotation System (which allows the player to swap the direction of a piece when it’s coming up next). TGM2 additions include a more casual Normal mode in addition to the original Master mode, revamped scoring, and special modes TGM+ and T.A. Death. You can nab it in a few days for $7.99.



Via: Nintendo Life


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