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You remember the Super Mario Sunshine logo, right? A classic display of GameCube-era color and bubbliness, with the sun-shaped O, palm tree, and rainbow squiggle underneath the title; as far as GameCube title graphics go it’s a top tenner for sure. Anyway, we long assumed that the nice blue-aqua background in the letters was some sort of rendered gradient, but as a Twitter user named @AndratVA has discovered, that’s not the case.



Yup, it was an actual picture of the ocean this whole time. Or to put it as one commenter whose joke I wish I had come up with, they doxxed the Super Mario Sunshine logo. It was out here chilling in the sea all along and we just had to snoop around and find out where it was sunbathing after 20 years. Is there no respect for privacy anymore? At least we don’t know where this featureless patch of ocean is and it could be literally anywhere… though knowing the work ethic of internet detectives, it’s only a matter of time until we find that out too.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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