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Update (5/29/23)

Author: Amelia Fruzzetti


Sizzle Season is bringing the Ska – the latest from the upcoming update is a song from a new band being added, Yoko & the Golden Bazookas. After playing the track in the season’s debut trailer, they’ve got another one on the way punnily titled “Rockagilly Blues”:



It was only a matter of time until we saw a band of this genre show up. Gonna start calling it Ska-toon, am I right? We’ll have to see if any other music tracks get previewed before the update.


Update (5/23/23)

Author: Amelia Fruzzetti


More news on the Sizzle Season: first is a look at the brand new stage, Barnacle & Dime. It takes the form of a high-end mall complete with a fountain, creating a lot of watery space to accidentally fall into.



On the weapon front, we have a preview of the Light Tetra Dualies: featuring the same four consecutive Dodge Rolls as standard Tetra Dualies, but the addition of Sprinkler as a sub and Zipcaster as a special, lending itself to greater mobility and coverage overall.



We also have the Tenta Sorella Brella: featuring the same huge coverage as the typical Tenta Brella, but with a more offensively oriented kit. Ink Mines allow you to leave devastating traps in wait, while the Trizooka allows for pushing forward with huge columns of ink.



That’s not the only surprise in store though – we have a look at the new season’s catalog. Notably, it includes a few items based on old Nintendo hardware: the Intended Entertainment System (NES), Supreme Ness (SNES), Play & Observe (Game & Watch), Eight-Squared Game System (N64), See-through Game Youth (Game Boy), and Cubic Gaming System (GameCube). We have to wonder if they’ll add more consoles in another seasonal update.




Update (5/22/23)

Author: Amelia Fruzzetti


Another update via the Squid Research Lab (Splatoon 3 Twitter) brings us more details on some new weapon variations. First is the H-3 Nozzlenose D, which has the same properties as the usual H-3 Nozzlenose but comes with a Splash Wall sub-weapon and Big Bubbler special for a more defensive and distance-based playstyle.



Second is the Rapid Blaster Pro Deco, again featuring the same stats as the usual Rapid Blaster Pro, but with an Angle Shooter sub and a Killer Wail 5.1 special. This will help splat enemies hiding behind walls and other obstacles who think they’re safe from your blasts.



Update (5/17/23)

Author: Amelia Fruzzetti


We have a closer look at some Sizzle Season details. First comes the Super Scope-styled S-BLAST ‘92, with two firing modes – one that offers far range and precision, and another that has more explosive close-range burst power.



We also get a schedule for the game’s first challenge, the New Season Challenge: three play windows (6/2 at 9pm to 11pm, 6/3 from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m., 6/3 1 p.m.-3 p.m. – all times PT). Two types of Challenges – Too Many Trizookas (featuring an endless stream of trizooka fire) and Extreme Jump Battle (where jump height is massively increased) – are featured.



Stay tuned for more Sizzle Season details.



Original article:


As the weather gets hotter in the northern hemisphere it’s becoming more and more tempting to dive into the summery vibes of Splatoon and thankfully Nintendo is here to give us the low-down on Sizzle Season 2023 in a new trailer.

In the video we can see a bunch of new additions coming to the game over the next few months. We have the shopping mall-themed stage Barnacle and Dime, the Painbrush main weapon, the return of Humpback Pump Track, and perhaps most excitingly of all, a weapon that’s just straight-up the SNES Super Scope – the S-Blast ’92.

As for Salmon Run players, you’ll be able to take the battle to Jammin’ Salmon Junction!

Sizzle Season 2023 begins on June 1st, 2023, so get practicing!


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