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Nintendo, ever notorious for its Disney-level litigiousness, has struck once again, allegedly issuing several DMCA takedowns on GitHub, the internet’s biggest site for software development and code. Most notably, the company issued a takedown for Lockpick, a tool for dumping console keys and digital game keys from your own Nintendo Switch console. Because you get the keys from your own Nintendo Switch, it’s not how you’re going to pirate games onto an emulator. Needless to say, fans aren’t happy.



As a consequence of Lockpick getting DMCA’d, the developers of Skyline – a Switch emulator that is developed by dumping keys from the dev’s own Switches – made the difficult decision to cease work on the project, fearing that Nintendo’s cited reasons for taking down Lockpick (circumventing copy protection) would apply to them as well.



Yuzu, the most popular Switch emulator, appears to be unaffected for the moment. But Nintendo will continue to wield its legal powers and army of lawyers to great effect for the foreseeable future, regardless of how much disappointment they engender along the way.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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