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Get ready to groove because Lego is back with more teasers for the upcoming Lego Super Mario: Donkey Kong expansion, set to release later this year. In a Twitter post shared this morning, the company revealed four additional members of the DK Crew — Diddy, Cranky, Dixie, and Funky Kong. This follows their earlier announcement of Donkey Kong’s appearance in the set, which was made last month on MAR10 Day.



Although Lego hasn’t announced an official release date for the new sets, they have indicated that they’ll be available sometime in late summer. So keep your eyes peeled for further updates and get ready to funk it up with the DK Crew!


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Written by Jason Ganos

Nintendo super fan since birth, Jason is the creator of Amiibo News and editor-in-chief at Nintendo Wire. One of his life goals is to provide the latest Nintendo news to fellow gamers with his natural know-how.