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People love protagonists, and Fire Emblem Engage’s slightly doofy, very endearing Alear is no exception – they’ve taken the top spot in a Nintendo Dream popularity poll conducted back in the February 2023 issue, as translated by Serenes Forest. The Top 25 spots are as follows:


  1. Alear
  2. Diamant
  3. Alfred
  4. Alcryst
  5. Yunaka
  6. Sommie
  7. Céline
  8. Pandreo
  9. Veyle
  10. Ivy
  11. Framme
  12. Etie
  13. Lapis
  14. Anna
  15. Louis
  16. Goldmary
  17. Hortensia
  18. Boucheron
  19. Chloé
  20. Amber
  21. Kagetsu
  22. Clanne
  23. Panette
  24. Fogado
  25. Vander


The poll seems to favor characters encountered earlier in the game and royals, probably due to greater exposure for both. There are some surprising results from a Western perspective in terms of who’s popular or beloved, though as with any poll there are unseen statistical knobs (age, gender, etc.) that can greatly affect how the results turn out.



The poll is ultimately just for fun, though it may have some influence on who IntSys perceives as popular going forward. Fire Emblem Engage and all its DLC is out now.




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