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Having long served as the series’ damsel in distress, it may be easy to presume that Princess Peach of Super Mario Bros. fame doesn’t have the platforming skills of her more famous plumber allies. But the girl’s been jumping and floating her way past obstacles since the ’80s, and as a new clip from the Super Mario Bros. Movie shows, the girl’s got skills:



We can see Peach effortlessly glide through a training course of her own design, filled with mechanical dummy versions of classic Mario enemies like Piranha Plants and Bullet Bills and obstacles like Fire Bars and falling donut blocks. She moves through it all with the acumen of a speedrunner who knows exactly when to jump and for how long, and while she misses the top of the flagpole, we can only assume this is in order to save frames by reaching it as quickly as possible.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie releases tomorrow, April 5th.




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