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We’re only a little over a week away from the debut of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and we finally have confirmation of a post-credits scene, straight from the voice of Mario. Chris Pratt confirmed a post-credit scene’s existence in an exclusive interview with CBR:


“Listen, there’s like, at the end of the film, there’s a post-credit sequence that gives you a taste of what the sequel could be about. And that gets me very, very excited. But there’s been talk of Luigi’s Mansion. That was a Gamecube game. I think that would be great.”


I’m inclined to agree with Pratt here, a Luigi’s Mansion movie would be great – to be quite honest it would actually be a dream come true. Dreams of a Luigi’s Mansion movie aside, it’s nice to know ahead of time that a post credit scene exists at all. You should, of course, stick around for the credits either way, to see all the names of the people who put in plenty of hard work to bring Mario and his pals to the big screen.


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