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The latest Peppa Pig game and kino swag goated masterpiece Peppa Pig: World Adventures just released on March 17th, once again bringing the Sultanna of Swine’s swagger to the Nintendo Switch in an adventure straight out of an episode of her TV show. And while most of the game is your typical Peppa Pig goodness, one part has been making the rounds in particular – namely, the portion where the devs pour one out for their ol’ monarch Lizzy. (Lots of swearing in the embeded tweet:)



Yes, the Peppa Pig game contains a tribute to the deceased Queen Elizabeth II. That in and of itself isn’t too surprising, but the actual delivery of it is what’s jarring – after a scene where her royal deceased majesty innocuously splashes around in a puddle with Peppa Pig and her family, the screen fades to black before a static, silent screen shows in memoriam text for the queen, accompanied by a picture of her cartoon form and Peppa splashing about in mud. Like if you cry every time.

Whether you find the tribute earnestly sweet or hilariously tasteless probably depends on your view of the monarchy itself. Either way, it’s sure to go down as one of the more memorable Queen Glizzy tributes in our memory. We’ll have to wait and see if similarly beloved British children’s properties will follow suit. Will Wallace & Gromit shed some tears for the fallen leader? Will the Teletubbies broadcast eulogies? Will Thomas the Tank Engine choo-choo sadly in mourning? We’ll have to wait and see. RIP in peace.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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