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Nowadays, companies can’t just release products and see how much money they’ll make after the dust settles – it’s all about projections, predictions, and profits. And with Illumination’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie set to release on April 5th, box office projections are out – the movie is expected to make in the range of $85-$90 million on its first weekend at minimum, with less conservative estimates saying it could clear nine figures.

Box office tracking is still a bit off due to the pandemic, but the strong response to trailers and positive reactions from kids suggest that the movie is headed for an impressive debut. The previous best Easter weekend box office debut was $181 Mil for Batman v Superman, whose superhero chops will likely leave it a record unbeaten by the plumber, though it seems inevitable that the animated feature will top the live-action Super Mario Bros. from 1993, which made $39 million worldwide (even adjusted for inflation, that’s lower than the Illumination film’s projected opening).

The Super Mario Bros. Movie debuts on April 5th. 




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