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Gaming archaeologists are always digging up cool and interesting finds, and a particularly old discovery has been made today – a prototype map from Super Mario World all the way from 1989, initially found as part of the Nintendo “gigaleak” of 2020 and freshly de-corrupted by codfish1002:



Would you look at that – the Mushroom Kingdom looks like a mushroom. Who ever would have thought? It’s obviously sparse, and also from a time in development before the game squarely took place in Dinosaur Land, but it provides an interesting glimpse at some of the earliest SNES development out there, and clearly takes more direct inspiration from Super Mario Bros. 3’s world map before transitioning into more of its own thing by the final release.

We’ll be sure to provide any more interesting glimpses into SMW or other prototypes through Nintendo’s history. 


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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