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The Nintendo Switch is a sleek, minimalist console as far as UI and aesthetic goes – maybe a tad too minimalist, as several commentators have pointed out the console lacking iconic music like the last several Nintendo consoles, or themes like the 3DS. Well, leftover data found in a prerelease OS for the console (v. 0.8.5) suggests that simple color themes were planned for the console:



Not just that, but old music (discovered a couple years back, actually) also shows that eShop music was planned for the console at some point:



Why were these things removed? In the case of music, it was likely to make the console boot up and process the home screen and eShop faster. As for the themes… it’s hard to say, as the console still does have the Light and Dark theme inherent to basically all modern tech interfaces, so theoretically the implementation of other colored themes would help freshen up the home screen while being more in line with Nintendo’s colorful all ages appeal? We can’t say. But hopefully they get added one day.




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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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