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Update (3/31/23): The Paranormal Science Team is back to kick off this weekend’s Splatfest in Splatoon 3! Get jazzed (and your ink ready) by taking a gander at this truly divine look at this science fiction book-esque piece of art the Squid Research Lab shared:



Whether you’re Team Nessie, Team Aliens, or Team Bigfoot, this illustration is making a powerful statement in the world of the paranormal, that’s for sure.

Good luck out there, squid kids — and have fun!




Another Splatoon 3 Splatfest is on the horizon and you might want to don your tinfoil hats as things are getting… Conspiratorial.

For the Splatfest, set to begin on March 31st, you’ll have to pick from three iconic UMAs and declare which is real – Nessie, Aliens, or Bigfoot?

You’ll be able to pick your team starting March 24th, so be sure to do your research and do your enigmatic creatures proud…

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Written by Tom Brown

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