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If you’ve booted up Fire Emblem Engage at all, you were probably knocked off your feet by the opening song, a rocking, over the top anthem that much like the rest of the game is emanating pure burning melodrama. That very song is getting a CD release soon in Japan, along with the game’s ending theme.


The single contains both the OP “Emblem Engage” by Ryo and the ending theme “Fiery Bonds” by Rainy. It releases on March 15th. The CD comes with 26 clear art sheets with the main characters and Emblems that you can customize the CD case with, as well as a Blu-ray containing movie versions of the themes. “Emblem Engage” will be on streaming services (in Japan) starting today, while “Fiery Bonds” will follow on the 15th of February. 



Source: Serene Forest


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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