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Update (2/24/22): Via Venture Beat, Nintendo has confirmed that it will not have a presence on the show floor at this year’s E3.





Original article: It’s been four years since E3, the worlds largest video game expo, went on hiatus in-person due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While, yes, we did have a few digital-only events that had an E3-esque feel to them, the magic that was the massive showroom floor was all but missing. But when I found out that ReedPop, the company behind huge events like PAX and New York Comic-Con was taking the reins in 2023, I had hope for an all-out E3 resurgence. Unfortunately, it appears that might not be the case after all as IGN has reported that all three of the industries biggest players — Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo — would be skipping the event this year, leaving E3 a strictly third-party affair.

According to IGN, “multiple knowledgeable sources” have confirmed that Xbox, Sony, and Nintendo would be skipping E3, although Microsoft is planning an event of its own around the same time. No word yet from Sony or Nintendo, but judging by Nintendo’s history, I would expect a Nintendo Direct around the same time as well.


Nintendo Wire at E3 2018


Personally, this news is pretty unsurprising, although extremely upsetting. It’s been clear for years that Nintendo hasn’t really needed E3 like it did in the early internet days. Nintendo’s been killing it for years with its Nintendo Directs; and with fans from around the world all connected via Twitch or YouTube, having a mega-booth just doesn’t seem all that important in this day and age.

All that said… Nintendo sure knew how to put on a hell of a show at E3. Visiting Nintendo’s larger-than-life booths was sincerely the highlight of my year, and the thought of that being over is definitely sad. But who knows. Maybe Nintendo will be back at the LA Expo Center one day with another massive booth to explore. Until then, we always have Super Nintendo World to live out our Nintendo fantasies!


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