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Fire Emblem Engage is hot off the press, and Nintendo is already making the most of the opportunity – a manga adaptation of the game has been announced for serialization. 

It will publish monthly in Saikyo Jump, a branch of the popular Shonen Jump magazine that primarily publishes spinoffs of popular properties like One Piece, Naruto, and Dragon Ball. The mangaka for the title will be Kazuro Kyou (Hime-dol!!, Houkago Idol, Dead-End Host), who will depict Male Alear as the protagonist for the title. The first chapter will be published in the February 3rd issue of Saikyo Jump. The chapters will also release on the Shonen Jump+ app, with the first three chapters up for free and chapters thereafter free for three weeks after release. Many Shonen Jump titles get translated on Manga Plus for free reading, so we may be able to read an English localization quite soon. 

This is far from the first Fire Emblem manga in existence. They actually used to be quite plentiful, with multiple adaptations of multiple games back in the ’90s. There hasn’t been any since the mid-’00s, however, when an adaptation of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade finished up. Serenes Forest has a page with all of the various publications, if you’re interested.

Fire Emblem Engage – the game – is out now.



Source: Nintendo Japan | Via: Siliconera


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