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It’s that time of year – Amazing Games Done Quick (AGDQ) dashes on ahead all throughout the week, and you can tune in to see some absolutely mind-melting abilities from the very best speedrunners out there. And one of the best showcases so far was a four-way race in Super Mario Galaxy 2 that culminated in a brand-new world record.



The record was taken by ImJhay, who was also the previous record holder – he beat his last time by a chunky 4.4 seconds for a world record time of 2:54:51.33 in the Any% (With Bank) category (which means all you have to do is beat the game, using the Bank Toad to unlock the final galaxy). Getting a record at AGDQ is always special, and Jhay – who already holds seven world records for both the first Super Mario Galaxy and the sequel – is clearly at the top of his game.



Watch the VOD yourself if you’d like to witness some absolutely thrilling platforming action and tricks performed by the best Mario Galaxy players in the world. And if you want to check out other runs, be sure to peep the AGDQ schedule


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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