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Developer Rooms in video games are an easter egg tradition that goes back decades. From Chrono Trigger to nearly every Pokémon game, you can find little rooms where the game’s makers talk passionately about their work and express thanks. But in recent high-profile indie title Sports Story, the typical Developer Room takes on a more pointed turn.



In this one, the developers of a game called GALF are shown working on their next game, stating some… very specific complaints about management and being forced to add new features instead of refining what’s already in it. Now, this could just be a generic satire of work conditions in an industry with notoriously poor ones. But it certainly seems that the developers are airing out their own frustration with the game’s tumultuous development. Considering Sports Story was originally announced at the end of 2019 with a 2020 release date and ended up taking a whole two more years to actually release, the in-game statements align with these rocky delays.

And that’s a real shame. Not every game development can go smoothly, of course, but considering the language at play here it seems like there’s a lot of bitterness and resentment among the developers. We don’t have any hard details of abuse or mistreatment, but it certainly paints a poor picture. Let’s hope that their next project goes a lot better.



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