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Ah, Switch Pro rumors. Like a slasher villain, they just never die. While most people moved on with the release of the nicer but not “pro” Switch OLED Model  last year, the fire still burns in some. But the latest whispers on the rumor mill are of a different variety – namely, that the Switch Pro WAS going to exist… until Nintendo shuttered plans in favor of a Switch followup, a Switch 2 if you will.



The folks at Digital Foundry (not known leakers but a very reputable bunch) revealed that, talking to several unnamed insiders, they found out that the Switch Pro was scrapped and the resources divested some time ago. They also stress that the proverbial Switch 2 will not release in 2023, which isn’t much surprising considering the schedule of everything.

Interestingly, DF also discusses that Nintendo is concerned about the launch of the successor. Considering the nearly unprecedented success of the Switch – and Nintendo followed up their last unprecedented success (the Wii) with a notorious flop (the Wii U) – such nervousness is understandable. While all console developers’ success ebbs and flows by the generation, hopefully Nintendo can figure out how to sustain their current success.

And that should put an end to Switch Pro rumors! … Right as it kindles the flame of Switch 2 rumors. This is why we’re still in business, I suppose.



Via: Forbes


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