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Tricolor Turf Wars are one of the most inventive wrinkles of Splatoon 3 Splatfests, a unique three-way battle for dominance that can’t be executed in normal gameplay. Up until now, though, participation in them has been fickle, based purely on matchmaking chance – but now, after the big seasonal update earlier this month, you can choose between normal Turf Wars and the Tricolor variety from the menu.



That’s not all. Instead of attacking/defending teams being determined by who leads at the Splatfest Halftime, each Splatfest Team has potential to be attacker or defender. However, the old system still echoes in the new metric for winning Splatfest, Tricolor Clout – based on how many of these battles a team wins, it awards bonuses to the team leading at halftime when they win defensively and bonuses to the teams behind at halftime when they win attacking.




We’ll see this revamped system in action in the next Splatfest – Spicy, Sweet, or Sour – running from January 6th through 8th.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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