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Skullgirls has kept its never ending launch party going since announcing its first wave of paid DLC. This Season 1 Pass content has been thriving on Steam and available on PlayStation, but sadly not for Switch. The dev team was upfront about this delayed availability from the beginning, leaving it to Nintendo fans to wait patiently for an update.

That news has now arrived, and it’s better than anticipated. Not only will the previously released DLC characters and content be on Switch in less than a month, it’s bringing a “massive update” along with it!

How massive? Well, according to the dev post over on the official Skullgirls forum, it’s enough to bring Skullgirls on Switch to parity with other systems. It’s to the point it’s practically replacing the Switch version’s codebase in order to address noted issues with the port. The wait for this won’t be long either, as the update (as well as Annie and Umbrella) will be available on January 3rd.

Moving forward, the paid Season 1 Pass content will also be released more in step with the PlayStation version’s timing. The next newcomer, Black Dahlia, will be arriving in early 2023, with the same forum post giving news on her ongoing development.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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