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Oh, how I’ve missed the big, stupid noses of Snowboard Kids. These fan favorites from the N64 days are known for that signature aesthetic and unique twists on familiar kart racing gameplay, but they’ve got another thing going — their soundtracks!

In the absence of any news on re-releases (or Jack Frost willing a new entry), there is some news on that last point. Just in time for the series’ 25th anniversary, all that music is on its way to streaming services. 



The soundtracks for Snowboard Kids, Snowboard Kids Plus, and Snowboard Kids 2 will all arrive on December 25th. Interestingly, the above tweet calls 2 by its Japanese name (Super Snowboard Kids), so if you’re looking for certified bops like “Linda’s Castle” and “Let All Be Noisy” this Christmas, you might need to try that title.

Here’s hoping for even more Snowboard Kids love in the future. If Atlus is listening, the world would be a better place with these games on the Nintendo Switch Online N64 app. At this point, I’d even take the conveniently-absent-from-this-news DS entry…


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Written by Ricky Berg

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