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After the initial Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer dropped in early October, people have been hotly anticipating something meatier – and while a brand-new trailer is coming this afternoon, several of the movie’s posters and promotional materials have leaked ahead of the Direct:






Quite a bit of material here, though a lot of it is the same assets spread around and reutilized in different contexts. The most detail-filled is the art of Mario and Luigi in front of their van – besides their plumbing service using font and art from the actual games, you can make out Pauline far in the background. Also, the street signs say Brooklyn (is “Brooklyn” the name of a street in Brooklyn?) These elements seem particularly inspired by the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, which means speculation about Mario and Luigi getting isekai’d into the Mushroom Kingdom is likely well founded.

Otherwise, most material just hints at specific lines in the movie, or gives us a clearer look at renders we’ve already seen. Digging that color gradient on Bowser’s scales. We’re sure to get a lot more info when the second Mario movie trailer drops at 2 p.m.PT later today.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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