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Ryza, the break-out star of the Atelier series, is returning with her third entry early next year and Koei Tecmo has shared a second Japanese trailer for the game which looks set to reunite the heroine with old friends and introduce new allies.

Check out the latest trailer and an archived live stream featuring Switch gameplay below:


Ryza and her friends are living their lives on Kurken Island when news of a sudden appearance of a mysterious group of islands in nearby waters arrives.
To find a way to save her island, Ryza and her friends will set off on final adventure surrounding the “roots of alchemy.”

Key Features

  • The Stage for this Adventure is a Vast Open Field – The field is made up of multiple maps that are connected seamlessly. Enjoy this adventure in a vast and “living” field that is one of the largest in the Atelier series.
  • You Can Do Many Things with the Key – Obtain various types of keys which can be used in different instances of exploration, synthesis, and battle. Each key has a different effect, so use it to enjoy the adventure conveniently!
  • A Total of 11 Party Members – Reunite with characters from previous games, and meet new characters who will be key to the story. Mix and match your favorite members and enjoy the adventure!

Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key launches for Switch on February 22nd in Japan and on February 24th worldwide.

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Written by Tom Brown

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