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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have been out for a weekend, which means that lots of fans have begun their Paldean adventure — in fact, more than usual, at least in the UK. It turns out that the two entries have had the biggest launch of the year in the region, surpassing even annual titan FIFA to have the best retail debut.



As noted, this is the second biggest launch in series history in the UK, behind only Sun and Moon, which came out the same year the franchise got a surge in popularity thanks to the debut of Pokémon GO. It’s funny that this would sell better than Sword and Shield, the games set in the Pokémon world’s version of Great Britain, but sales are up 36% on that one (in the same timeframe). It’s also 70% over BDSP and 56% over Legends. And in terms of revenue, it’s the most successful game in the series ever, since Nintendo Switch games cost more than 3DS ones.



We’ll still have to see reports from other regions regarding sales figures, but all signs point to The Pokémon Company rolling in dough. Maybe now they’ll be convinced to let the foot off the gas and wait a bit longer for the next generation? Give their hardworking developers a rest? Ha! I wish. 


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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