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Some announcements are for titles years out, and others are for games right on the doorstep. For the discerning eShop frequenter, today’s Indie World offered a selection of games that are launching later today. Here are all such titles revealed during the presentation:

Once Upon a Jester (Bonte Avond and Crunching Koalas) – Pals Sok and Jester have devised a plan to steal a Royal Diamond — and it hinges on joining the Royal Theatrical Spectacle. Join them on this improvisational journey of goofy gallantry across a kingdom of lively characters and silly scenarios. 



Rogue Legacy 2 (Cellar Door Games) – A sequel to the rougelike side-scrolling action title Rogue Legacy, this one hinges upon the same core premise — each playthrough brings a new descendant to play as with new quirks. Whether you be colorblind, easily nauseous, or even a clown, you’ll gather riches to build a castle and ensure your legacy. The Nintendo Switch version also includes the Fabled Heroes update that adds a ton of content.



A Little to the Left (MAX INFERNO and SECRET MODE) – A puzzle game about tidying up, based on the developer’s own actual living space. You’ll organize objects into various arrangements depending on factors like shape and size, with multiple solutions to each puzzle. With more than 75 puzzles and one troublesome feline muddying things up, there’s plenty of room to unwind and relax.



That’s all the titles launching today, but there’s plenty more from Indie World to report. Stay tuned.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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