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Live A Live released in late July, one of the best Nintendo Switch titles of the year that remade the classic, experimental JRPG and showed it off to the world for the first time. But don’t let me introduce it to you: let Takashi Tokita, the game’s director, who presented the game at an event in Brazil back on July 10th, just a couple weeks before release — and now, that video has been posted on Nintendo of America’s YouTube channel for all to peruse.



Much of Tokita’s talk is simply breaking down the different chapters and their inspirations, but he mentions some interesting tidbits, like wanting to base a game in different regions of the world (hence chapters like the Wild West or Imperial China) — or how the Near Future chapter was specifically based on anime and manga of Tokita’s youth, which may be why it attracted homegrown popularity in Japan. Later on, Tokita muses that JRPGs as a whole might be called “playable manga and anime,” reflecting on growing up surrounded by the artforms and how they’ve since achieved worldwide popularity. He thanks fans for the miraculous experience of remaking Live A Live for the world and promises: “My adventures in JRPGs will still continue so I hope I can go on another fun journey with everyone.”

Live A Live on Switch is out now. You should play it.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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