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The saga of Trails — and more epically, of Trails games finally getting localized for the West after years of remaining far ashore — continues! Following the release of Trails from Zero late last month, the folks at Falcom have revealed when the game’s followup sequel, Trails to Azure, is coming ashore — and it’s not far away, landing here on March 14th of 2023, less than six months after the release of the previous game. There’s even a new story trailer to dive into:



Straight from the YouTube description:


With the opening of the West Zemuria Trade Conference, the mayor has proposed that Crossbell be recognized as an independent state! What challenges will arise for the SSS in the wake of this sudden development? Find out in our newest story trailer for The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure!


The short trailer packs in a ton of the Trails’ series vaunted world-building, charm, and detail. You can see it in full for yourself when the game launches on March 14th. You can pre-order your copy on Amazon today!


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