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The second wave of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Expansion Pass DLC is imminent, and while the headliner is new Blade — I mean, Hero Ino — the wave is also adding Challenge Battles, a feature from both previous Xenoblade games where you can take on tough enemies with specific (or unspecific) parties. And in a new teaser video, the game highlights the Nopon Archsage — who will grant you the quests in a very familiar looking environment.



Yes, it’s the Land of Challenge, the very same place Challenge Battles took place in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (though the locale for them in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition was different). While there’s obviously a development ease in just transferring an old area to the new game, it also establishes Cool Lore Connections and questions. Is this a pocket universe? Why does the Nopon Archsage in this game look different from the Nopon Archsage in the last game? When Shulk and Rex (and hopefully Elma) inevitably get added, will they get redesigns like the ones in 2?

Some of these questions and more will be answered when the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Expansion Pass Wave 2 DLC drops tomorrow, October 13th. 


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