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In the latest Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer, we got to see how we’ll be able to customize our playable Trainer character and what we can do with the Camera App. Plus, we’ll be able to use the Camera App in crafting our very own Profile!



You’ll be able to customize your Trainer with more than just clothing, accessories, and changing the color of your hair and eyes. There’s a fairly in-depth customization system (for the Pokémon series, at least) available in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

A portion of it was shown off in the trailer. We know of the following customization categories.

  • Hair Styling: Haircut and Hair Color.
  • Looks: Eyes, Color Contacts, Eyelash Shape, and more. While not labeled, it appears the following customization features are offered in this menu system: Eyelash (Mascara), Eyebrow Shape, Eyebrow Color, Lip Shape, Lip Color (Lipstick/Lipgloss), Eye Mark (like a birth or mole mark near the eye), and Cheek Color (Blush).

To style your hair, it appears you’ll have to head to a hair salon (with a barber shop pole out front) in certain towns. From what was shown, it’s unclear if this service is free or will require some Pokémon Dollars (the currency used in the main Pokémon franchise).



As for changing your looks, it appears that can be done just about whenever. This feature was shown off with the Trainer outside of any buildings and not talking to NPCs. It’s unclear if the options available need to be unlocked under specific conditions or if everything is available from the start.



Camera App

It looks like your Rotom Phone will come with a Camera App. With it, you can take photos of whatever you come across in the Paldea region and even get some selfies with you and your Pokémon and even fellow Trainers. You’ll also be able to apply filters before taking pictures!



Trainer Profiles

After customizing your Trainer, you can bust out the Camera App and take a new picture for your Profile! Here, you can show off your Trainer and your Pokémon. Profiles will also show how many badges you’ve collected, your Paldea Pokédex (how many different Pokémon species you’ve caught and battled), Shiny Pokémon Battled, Recipes Collected, and Total Playtime. According to the news post on the official Pokémon Scarlet and Violet site, the Profile will “also shows the Pokémon you’re currently traveling with” and that “[b]y selecting Hide Info from your Adventure Records, you can view your profile photo in its entirety.”



You can try out all these features for yourself when Pokémon Scarlet and Violet releases only on Nintendo Switch on November 18th.


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