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Update: Is that the Kazuya amiibo? We could only find this one pic and are searching for more! If you were at the Zurich Pop-Con and have more pics, let us know on Twitter!

Well, look what we have here! Earlier today, a Twitter user by the name of @zaypiie released our very first look at the upcoming Sephiroth amiibo, and boy-oh-boy, is it beautiful!



At the moment, it’s extremely difficult to tell exactly where this photo was snapped, but we believe it may be the Zurich Pop-Con. We’re trying to identify more concrete details and we’ll be sure to update this page as more information comes to light!




Are you at the Zurich Pop-Con, and can you confirm the Sephiroth amiibo is there? Shoot us a message over at @AmiiboNews on Twitter and let us know!


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Written by Jason Ganos

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