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It’s a natural course for fan projects to name themselves as sequels to the franchises they’re based upon. How many Star Wars home films back in the day were named Episode VII decades before Disney actually made that a real thing? It’s not a surprise then that Nintendo fan and Super Mario Maker 2 aficionado Metroid Mike 64 would title his Super World (a collection of overworlds that can be fashioned together like a full length Mario game) “Super Mario Bros. 5,” as an unofficial sequel to the classic series of sidescrollers. (If you’re wondering about the number four, Super Mario World was called Super Mario Bros. 4 in Japan.)



The collection of levels features 40 full courses — 24 styled on Super Mario World, 14 styled on Super Mario Bros. 3, and two based on the original Super Mario Bros. Mike’s intention was to make levels (and with it, a full game) that felt like truly classic Mario instead of something more modern or updated. His full thread showcases some truly cool details and glimpses of levels, from the inclusion of SMB2 mushrooms, to puzzle-based courses, to some bosses. It’s a wonderfully impressive feat.

You can download the course for yourself right now with maker ID 0G9-XN4-FNF. You obviously need Super Mario Maker 2 first, though.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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