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Exciting news on the Tamagotchi front — they’re releasing a Star Wars model for Baby Yoda! Yes, Baby Yoda, that lovable little creature from the Mandalorian who melted our collective hearts and has already made a video game debut in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. A delightful little scamp, that Baby Yoda is! … Hold on, I’m getting a fax. Apparently Baby Yoda has a name, and it’s “Grogu”? What? That can’t be right. Baby Yoda is just… Baby Yoda. When did this happen? Who allowed this??? 



Okay, calm down, calm down. The Baby Yoda Tamagotchi is the latest Tamagotchi Nano collab, after the company already produced one for R2-D2. Depending on how you nurture Baby Yoda, he can turn into one of 12 different appearances, including three secret ones. You can feed him macarons and squid chowder (but not too much, or the squid will leap on him). The unit includes two minigames you can play anytime, and other ones that alternate depending on your interactions, with ten possible outcomes. Special guests will also come to visit him every hour. We can catch glimpses of his different appearances thanks to Tama-Palace.



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The Baby Yoda Tamagotchi coms in two kinds of shells: a simple Blue and a “Using the Force” version that has a removable silicone case shaped partially like his big ol’ head. You can pre-order the Baby Yoda Tamagotchi soon — keep an eye on our Twitter page and we’ll let you know when orders are up!



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