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Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it. And sometimes, people alter history so that the moe anime girls, skeletal demons, and time travel are scrubbed from the records. Fortunately, Samurai Maiden from D3PUBLISHER is here to finally set the record straight with a nine minute trailer for the game that… certainly is a trailer. 



The hack ‘n’ slash game follows a young high schooler (of course) named Tsumugi Tamaori as she time travels back to the Sengoku era of Japan (of course) and duels various denizens of hell while dressed in a sailor uniform (of course), which it turns out was just how samurai dressed back then. You can trust this video, it’s historically accurate. The video establishes some other oft-forgotten facets of Japanese history, like that mountains in the Sengoku era floated in midair, ninjas were young woman with machine parts and animal ears, and that women of the time grew their power by, er, getting “close.” With their lips, that is. It also features Oda Nobunaga preparing to fight a demon lord from hell. Which is probably the least shocking bit so far. 

… It certainly looks like a video game. If the above paragraph sounds already ludicrous, then it doesn’t hold a candle to the trailer itself, which takes on almost a plain, instructional tone. I have no idea if the game is actually going to be good (in all honesty, “guilty pleasure” is probably the highest it’ll achieve), but this trailer is certainly some kind of marketing genius. You can pick it up for yourself on Nintendo Switch this December 8th. And now you can ace your Japanese history exam too. Good luck!


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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