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Splatoon 3 got its first patch before the game was even officially out, and now we’ve got the first post-launch update. While not a ton has been added, much has been tweaked to change the gaming experience — many of which involve Splatfests, known communication errors, Salmon Run, multiplayer mode, and more. The patch notes include the following:


  • Tricolor Battle occurrence in Splatfests has been adjusted so they happen less frequently for the defending team
  • Can no longer jump farther than usual with a Squid Roll while doing “a certain input” while charging a Squid Surge.
  • Fixed various issues that popped up when playing for a long time without closing the software (ex: player’s weapon not firing correctly)
  • Fixed issue where player could move through or on water if moving swiftly (like with a Splat Dualies dodge roll)
  • Improvement to connection errors towards the end of battles/Salmon Run
  • Fixed collision detection with Bloblobber (slight buff)
  • Fixed issue where cash/exp wouldn’t be awarded when a battle ended early due to lack of players
  • Fixed matchmaking when not enough players have joined in certain modes – matchmaking will now be canceled after a certain amount of time
  • Fixed Sturgeon Shipyard error where you coil enter backside of certain drawbridges
  • Fixed Mudmouth Eruption events in Salmon Run where the Mudmouths moved in unintended ways
  • Fixed issue that caused players with identical titles not to gain rank points
  • Fixed issue where damaging submerged Maws in Salmon Run with “certain special weapons” caused game to crash
  • Fixed issue where players were trapped in Salmon Run stage terrain
  • Fixed issue with display of Grizzco Points earned
  • Fixed issue with messages at beginning of Wave 3 in Salmon Run based on whether r not a King Salmonid appeared
  • Fixed an issue with the final stage of story mode that would return the player to the square
  • Fixed issue when starting game for first time
  • Fixed issue with downloading battle replay
  • Fixed potential crash when schedule updated while you try to join friend
  • Fixed rare crash when visiting shops
  • Fixed potential communication error while trading in items
  • Fixed potential communication error when buying weapon


Quite a bit of minutiae, none of which really rebalances the game in any major way. We’ll probably have to wait for the ver 1.2.0 patch for that. You can check out the full patch notes.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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