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As much as Dragon Ball fandom is known for power level discussion and “who would win” arguments and hyping up their favorite buff man (Piccolo stan here), the series is also full of jobbers. From the boisterous Hercule/Mr. Satan to… arguably half its main cast. (Yamcha has it rough, what can I say.) But perhaps no one is more memetically weak than the farmer who shows up at the very beginning of Dragon Ball Z with a gun, killed in mere seconds by the just-arrived Raditz after he lands on Earth. And after a host of video games where you can play as 20 different variants of Goku, you’ll finally be able to play as the man with a power level of five.



That’s right. A man so legendary he’s simply known as “the farmer” will make his way into next month’s online survival game as a survivor, joining other notably non-superpowered DB characters like Oolong and Bulma. The trailer also shows off classic villain Majin Buu as one of the game’s Raiders, who will hunt the Survivors down and turn them into candy (as he does). The roster for this one looks really fun and should make for a fun twist on the asymmetrical genre Dead By Daylight has popularized.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers launches October 14th. There’s an upcoming Open Beta Test from September 22nd to September 25th that you can register interest for. 



Via: Nintendo Life


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