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Another week, another Mystery Gift code is being released in honor of Ash’s progress in the Master Tournament arc of the Pokémon anime. As for which Pokémon is being distributed today, it’s Ash’s Gengar!

From now until Thursday, September 15th, 2022, you can add Ash’s Gengar to your copy of Pokémon Sword and Shield by using the code GENNGER0GE94 in the Mystery Gift section. Once input correctly, you’ll have a level 80 Gengar with a Naughty nature and a Dynamax Level of 3.



Just like Ash’s Dragonite and Dracovish, Ash’s Gengar will be wearing a Classic Ribbon and his info tab will mention that you got him from “the Pokémon animated show.” As for moves, Ash’s Gengar will know Shadow Ball (Ghost), Sludge Bomb (Poison), Dazzling Gleam (Fairy), and Will-O-Wisp (Fire).

If you forgot about Ash’s Dragonite last week, don’t fret! The code for her doesn’t expire until Thursday, September 8th, 2022. Add ’em both to your team today and look out for the last two codes this month for Ash’s Sirfetch’d and Lucario.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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