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It’s been three years since the last major Nintendo Live event in Japan. For 2022, it’s back and overnight Nintendo released more details about what attendees can enjoy on Saturday, October 8th, and Sunday, October 9th.

First, there will be three musical performances each day and they’ll feature DJ K.K. and Deep Cut. This will be a first for Deep Cut, the new musical trio for Splatoon 3, whereas DJ K.K. has performed previously as “just” K.K. Slider during Nintendo Live 2019  (where he jammed out some Splatoon tunes before playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ theme.)

For those unaware, the performances include a live band behind a massive “projection screen” that has the characters rocking out and interacting with one another. In previous performances, there was also a screen above the “projection screen” that featured text boxes for character dialogue (as they would chat at the crowd between songs).



No doubt that DJ K.K. will be playing a set featuring music from Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s DLC (Happy Home Paradise) and Deep Cut will be playing their hit singles, and perhaps the Splatfest tunes for Splatoon 3.

According to tweets on the official Animal Crossing and Splatoon Japanese Twitter accounts, not only will there be six performances total, but there will also be merchandise. Shirts, glow wristbands, and glow sticks will be sold at the event and are in limited quantities.



For those who are unable to attend, the Sunday, October 9th performance at 6 p.m. will be broadcasted live on YouTube (which translates to 2 a.m. PT | 5 a.m. ET). While not confirmed, it will more than likely be available to rewatch too, as previous performances of the Squid Sisters, Off the Hook, and K.K. Slider are still available to jam out to.

There will be more than just musical performances at the event. Attendees that make it through the raffle selection process can also enjoy game demos, competitions, photo ops, and more. There’s even some swag involved! For instance, partake in some 4 vs. 4 Turf War matches and if you win two matches in a row, you’ll walk away with a Splatoon 3-themed notebook featuring Agent 3.



If you’re in Japan, you can check out all the details on the official Nintendo Live 2022 site as well as apply for the general admission lottery (before September 15th). For the rest of us around the world, we can look forward to the DJ K.K. and Deep Cut performance on Sunday, October 9th.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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