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This taste… it’s the taste of a rerelease, Giorno Giovanna! Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R is ora-oraing its way onto consoles next month, slowly revealing some additions to its roster since its original PlayStation 3 release. And a brand-new trailer debut at Gamescom focused on characters from the generational epic’s fifth part, Vento Aureo or Golden Wind



The mainstays return — Giorno, Bruno, Mista, Narancia, Fugo, and Diavolo come back after debuting in the original, but there’s some new blood. Headlining the newcomers is Boss’ daughter Trish Una, wielding her stand Spice Girl — I mean, Lady (I’ll never get used to that) which can turn objects elastic. There’s also the addition of a duo unit in Prosciutto and Pesci, who fight with a combination of Pesci’s fishing line stand Fisher Man and Prosciutto’s rapid-aging stand The Thankful Dead. Rounding out the Part 5 additions is Ghiaccio, whose White Ice will freeze you as he presumably beats you up to vent about the foreign spelling and pronunciation of Venezia. If this paragraph made no sense to you, you should probably give some of the anime a go before checking out the game.

Other additions so far include Jotaro (part 4 version) and Yukako from Diamond is Unbreakable, Speedwagon from Phantom Blood, and F.F. from Stone Ocean. All-Star Battle R releases on September 2nd.


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