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In the world of stumbling beans, it’s sometimes hard to tell if strange occurrences are simply pesky bugs or an intentional part of the mayhem. Easier to decipher, however, are glitches affecting menus and social features. Today’s update to Fall Guys fixes a few of both kinds of bugs, and in lieu of any in-detail official patch notes from Mediatonic, the Fall Guys Twitter account did give a quick rundown of highlights from the update:


  • If all squads but one are eliminated before the Final Round, the remaining squad is no longer forced to play the Final Round amongst themselves.
  • Blast Balls had occasionally been exploding prematurely, they don’t do that any more.
  • An invisible wall that prevented players from launching farther after a Speed Boost on Track Attack was removed.
  • The Social Panel now correctly shows if another player has already been invited to a party.
  • There was an “Enable Voice Chat?” prompt that repeatedly popped up after joining a party. It’s been toned down, like, way down. You should only be prompted once now.


It’s no secret that there are plenty of other, bigger bugs running around alongside Fall Guys’ famous beans, and hopefully Mediatonic can address several of them sooner rather than later, but I’m happy to see any fixes at all coming to the game. Don’t forget that you can download Fall Guys for Nintendo Switch right now, completely free, on the Nintendo eShop.


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