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Are you ready to tread into the unknown brick by brick? LEGO Bricktales – a licensed game from the world-famous Danish brickmaker and the folks at Thunderful Games and ClockStone Studio – is headed to consoles in Q4 2022. 



Bricktales involves traveling through various diorama-like environments, where you solve puzzles and go on adventures with a unique brick-building mechanic. Out of a limited pool of legos, you have to construct something that can complete the task at hand, stretching your mind and getting you to think creatively about your constructions. You’ll unlock more skills as you progress through the story to help you explore new areas, too. And there are certain constructs (such as the rides at an amusement park) that you can customize with your own flair!

Lego Bricktales releases Q4 2022. Check back for more details in the coming months, including a firm release date.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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