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Back in April, Nintendo of America and partner hiring firm Aston Carter had a labor complaint against them filed with the National Labor Relations Board, alleging that the two engaged in coercive anti-unionization activity and discharged the worker filing the complaint for organizing. While Nintendo claimed they fired the worker in question for releasing confidential information, this would eventually lead to a lengthy IGN expose of NOA contractors and their poor working conditions. And now, months later, a second complaint has been filed with the NLRB lodged at both NOA and Aston Carter.

The second complaint is slightly vaguer than the first, alleging that “the companies established ‘coercive rules’ and in some way retaliated, discharged or disciplined a worker for engaging in protected activity with others.” While unionization itself is not mentioned, it seems likely given the language that this is yet again the topic at hand, and the complaint this time is careful to note that the activities are protected. Other publicly available information is limited as of this time.

The NLRB regional branch in Washington State is now processing both complaints, though it will be some time before the board gathers the appropriate evidence and determines whether or not to take action on the complaints (which would lead to a hearing or settlement). We’ll keep you updated on any more labor issues at Nintendo that come to light.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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