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God save the Queen (Melia Antiqua) — Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has become the biggest launch in series history in the United Kingdom, overtaking the last entry Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in physical sales. It can be assumed with digital sales on top of that, the game is doing quite well in general.



For the most part, the series’ growing launch sales as it goes along are indicative of increased popularity and prestige, boosted by a presence in Smash Bros. and increased marketing from Nintendo itself. Given that the reception to 3 has been thus far very positive, we can only see the series’ star rising further from here.

Of course, Xenoblade has a history in the UK slightly more involved than with other series, as — due to a twist of fate ten years back where NOA passed up localizing the first game — the numbered entries have been localized by Nintendo of Europe ever since, leading to predominantly British casts in an industry often bereft of them. At this point it’s a huge charm point of the series and practically core to the Xenoblade identity, and I can’t imagine what the franchise would feel like if everybody had General American accents like 90% of video games. Good work, Monolith Soft and Nintendo of Europe! Let’s hope that streak of success continues. 


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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