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You know Funko Pops, whether by will or against every last desire in the measly pile of flesh and bone we call a body. Either you find them cute, unassuming, affordable figures to offer as presents or easy ways to decorate a spare shelf, or abominable icons whose presence spreads further and further like a virus each year until they consume every last storefront. Whichever position you take, you’ll probably have a strong reaction to the announcement that they’re making a Funko video game — a “triple-A video game” explicitly described as an Action-Platformer.



Funko is partnering with 10:10 Games, a new studio founded by Jon Burton of Traveler’s Tales/TT Games, one of the minds behind the Lego games… who left in 2019 amid accusations of harassment and crunch. Uh oh. Also, the label of “AAA” is usually applied to the big , BIG budget games in the industry, but is nebulous and hard to exactly define. We can presume it’s going to be kinda like the Lego games (especially since the teaser is so kid-friendly) but not much else.

Of course, it’s a Funko Pop game, so if it was in the true spirit of the company it’d be made extremely cheaply and then they would do light aesthetic swaps for all the levels without changing the core design and then resell the game in about a million bajillion different versions. I’d dare them to do it, but I’m afraid there’s a nonzero chance they’d take me up on it. We’ll just have to live in anticipation (and/or fear) of whatever they end up making.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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