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It’s a hell of a time – the physical Limited Run Games release of Doom Eternal on Switch is will be available to pre-order on July 29th. In usual LRG fashion, there are multiple versions of the package you can order.



The basic physical copy costs $60, while the SteelBook edition (which… comes with a SteelBook) goes for $80. It’s from there where things get more interesting.


The Special Edition ($115) contains:

  • Game + SteelBook
  • Special Box
  • Doom Slayer and Daisy poster
  • Floppy Diskette sticker sheet
  • Replica Slayer Gate Key
  • Praetor Helmet keychain


The Ultimate Edition ($175) contains all of the above as well as:

  • An ADDITIONAL special box
  • Vinyl cover art prints
  • 5” Super shotgun replica


Keep in mind that none of these editions that cost up to three times the price of the base game include any DLC (due to size limitations), so that’s an additional charge on top of all this if you care to play it. But if all you care about is that cool shotgun replica, then, by all means, wait for the pre-orders to open on July 29th. According to Limited Run Games’ listing for the physical editions and associated merchandise, pre-orders will be accepted until September 11th, 2022 and from there, orders are estimated to be fulfilled in 8 – 9 months due to production.


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