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We’re officially less than a month out from the release of Digimon Survive, and Bandai Namco has broken down all the core gameplay elements of the title in a streamlined 90-second trailer that lets you know everything you need to know about the game’s mechanics. 



As previously detailed, the game is split into visual novel style adventure sections and tactical battles. In adventure sections, you can scan glitches to find items or other curiosities. In conversation, your choices can affect the direction of the story, changing your Karma, Affection with certain characters, or Digivolutions for your Digimon. Conversation also matters in battle, where you can talk with your allies to encourage them and give their Digimon a stat increase or talk with the enemy (à la Shin Megami Tensei negotiation) to get them to join your side. For battles, you can equip or train your Digimon to increase their stats. Positioning in the tactical grid is essential to getting the upper hand, as is Digivolving to achieve more powerful forms.

Digimon Survive releases July 29th.


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